Water Coloring

Water Coloring

By Rachel Curtis

It wants to be remembered in the creases of my palm
Sipped like honeysuckle, Cherished like innocence
in the first few months of love

It wants to be melted the way your bedroom window melts in rain
Wobbles and drips down
Your liquid glass windowpane.

I am blowing bubbles with my lips
across the room, they travel invisible
illuminated only in faint flashes of light

Sound bursts against your cheeks
Freckled wet with gemstones
And slides to the corners of your mouth.

I trap it there in an instant
Freezing us
The sweetness of salt on my tongue.

The world is pattering all around
Tapping to be let in
I will silence for this moment

Until the noise seeps through your skin
Like ink in damp canvas

Your breath escapes in clouds
Too gentle to be held.
It balances on the boundary between words and air

A whisper
Suspended like water in a spider’s web
Lingers, drips

Shoulders wilt, rain rattles
wooden panels, somewhere
a chair scuffs and the echo scurries

Smudged impressions, weather-worn paper soft as skin
Disintegrates between my fingertips
Fantasy blurs memory in the corners of the photograph
I laid over this moment to rescue it from daylight
Translucent and soggy
Water coloring
How much happiness hides in the dark.

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