Response to “i love you to the moon &”

Response to “i love you to the moon &”

By Natalie Intihar

To whatever planet is farthest away from the earth,
That we probably don’t even know about.
If I’m being reasonable I know that I probably
Only love you as far as the distance doesn’t
Break us. Which sometimes isn’t very far at all.

The only thing I know about love is that
I love the stars and their glow and the
Colors that cross the night sky, and I
Know I love the colors that cross your night
Eyes as you look at me deeply.

Humans are made up of particles of former
Stars—I looked it up—and sometimes I see those
Sparkles in the hints of your smiles, when you
Try to hide the joy but your dimples
Give it away.

The truth is, I don’t know if I would love you
If you lived on the moon, or even Mars.
I am just lucky that you landed here, and that
The stars aligned to create you
Beside me.

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