Final Frontier

Final Frontier

By Rachel Curtis

The night is overcome
Whisper streetlights and desk lamps,
Flashlights and battery packs.
The night has yielded to the perseverance of light
Reaching through all of space and time
To rest in the darkness of your eyes.

It races, further and further, through our universe
Bringing existence wherever it travels
But there is a final frontier that remains undefeated.
The light touches your pupils and can go no further.
Our brains wake and sleep in darkness, forever dreaming.
Your heart beats with electricity
So why does the opaqueness in your veins
Let your hands have their way?
Why is the darkness in you unchanged?

We tame the wilderness knocking on our doors
But cannot control the storms and animals
In our kitchens and our bedrooms.
Humanity has been broken since we learned to want.
We are broken from the start.

We have a little knowledge of light
And intoxicate our minds to stop seeing clearly
What we ought to have been by now.
At night, our eyes adjusted to seeing the world dimmer or not at all
Untouchable and vague like shadows.

We slip out of our heavy, guilt-soaked skins
And wet our wounded flesh against each other.
We spend half our lives in the dark
And fantasize with eyes shut tight.
In the morning, we redress ourselves in our clinging garments
Now cold and repulsive. Our stomachs tighten
And the goosebumps rise on our arms
Everywhere we contact the memory of who we are.

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