A Tale for Two

A Tale for Two

By Haniel Neves

A tale for two but never for three.
Consequences abound, too full we agree.
For one, too little, never satisfied were thee.
For three, too many, far too many for me.
But two, yes—perfect! Not too many I guarantee.
But why two, and never three?
Never sometimes, or at all?
Well, surely, can’t you see?
Two is all there needs to be.
Three is far too much—too much, indeed.
And one, so little to proceed.
But let this not impede!
For how, then, could we concede
That two is better than three?
It is wiser to say that two instead of three ought to be.
To be the same, to be equal, to be free,
When three is too much for two, and one too little
To be two for two.
But now we have gone too many, two many, indeed,
When this is a tale for two, and never for three.

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